we begin with a baby, a box of donuts and a remote island in search of great coffee...

Hi y'all I'm Whitney Page, owner, and founder of Witty Coffee & Donuts. Waiting patiently in my freezer for the birth of my son, Bernard, there were two boxes of gluten-free donuts. Just after his birth, I inhaled them all in triumph...and they were pretty good. Not great, but you can't be too picky when you have food sensitivities...(WRONG) later when dreaming about devouring them again in the stress eating that comes along with mothering a Capricorn and working a construction job, I realized these donuts were not up to my standards. I certainly wouldn't share them with my toddler. So I started what would become my journey to make the perfect gluten-free, dairy-free and egg-free donuts.

I started this company to serve the underserved community of Orcas Island and to create drinks and donuts that you want to feed your loved ones. We think they're plate-licking good. From my family to yours, we want you to feel welcome,  nourished and excited by our presence. 

Our takeaway coffee bar is connected to Luna's Cafe and housed in the closet under the stairs at the back of the Our House Building in Eastsound. Enjoy the sunny outdoor patio, take a cuppa to the park next door or stay for a meal at Luna's while you enjoy all we have to offer.  Welcome to the family!



Open Daily

Hours: 9 ish -3 pm

Closed Sundays

123 N. Beach Rd

Eastsound, WA

Orcas Island