The vibes at Witty's: 

"well it's the best coffee on the island and i mean its the hang out, go there to see the homies..." J.Gill

"this coffee is the best most delicious coffee on orcas island washington in eastsound wa. Its a great place for kids and it has really attractive baristas..."

my husband


We like to say yes, yes to pleasure but also yes to boundaries. Yes to business when it's feminist. Yes to awareness and raising your cosmic vibe.

True hospitality is helping you find your yes.


Our handmade donuts have no gluten, eggs, dairy, soy, corn or nightshades. They do have lots of fiber, nutrients, flavor and love. 

Because of demand we are limited to 2 donuts/customer. Thank you for letting us nourish and treat the ones you love.

say hi

we love people or creatures that bring their own mug.

we love well behaved children,

breastfeeding mammas/babies.

the observant, the curious, those that laugh with their bellies.



Orcas Islands only used book store. There is something for you in our curated collection of memoir, sexuality, politics, art, sci-fic, spirituality. Our trust based after hours box is always open for your reading needs.   


Open Daily

Hours: 9 ish -3 pm

Closed Sundays

123 N. Beach Rd

Eastsound, WA

Orcas Island